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A lot of work went on behind the scenes in the early days of television to prepare for a live newscast or other program. Here are some shots of those activities during the 1960s at KYTV.
RSVP machine
This is "Big Bertha" an RSVP machine. It stands for Rear Screen Visual Projector. This machine threw rear-screen visuals behind the newscasters, a feat now done electronically. The RSVP slides were made with a Polaroid camera on a copy stand.
Obviously a posed shot but it does show some of the preparations that the production staff did have to go through before a program. Don Buffenbarger, Clarence Martin, Rusty (can't remember his last name) and Bob Israel are the crew. Israel later became principal of Pipkin Junior High School.
KYTV floor crew
This was the view from the rear of the control room during a live TV broadcast in the 1960s. From his lofty perch the director had to oversea everything that was happening on the set as well as giving all the cues to the technical staff in the control room.
Television the news
Ruell Haymes is the engineer in charge here. It was obviously not taken during a broadcast but during all those other times that the station had to keep feeding entertainment to the Ozarks. KYTV's control room
In the "good old days" all the visuals for commercials and news broadcasts were loaded by hand into a film change. This kept engineers like Bert Montgomery busy, especially during live newscasts when a lot of filmed segments were used.
KYTV's film chain
A new color TV camera
A new phase of television in the Ozarks came when KYTV got its first color cameras in the 1960s. They must have been really complicated. It took Chief Engineer Dennis White, Wes Skinner and Truman Krumholtz busy with the instruction manual.
Wes Skinner and videotape machine It was another proud day (with Wes Skinner admiring the equipment) when the station got new high-performance 2-inch videotape machines, the standard at the time. Gradually, over the years, the format got smaller and smaller.
Larry Wood & Dan White
Larry Wood, at left, and Dan White were directors at KYTV for many years and saw amazing improvement in broadcasting techniques and equipment.

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