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About Richard
After the Stockton tornado
Andes Mountains (Chile)
Agra (India)
April in the Past
August in the Past
Baden-Baden (Germany)
Bariloche (Argentina)
Behind the Scenes (KYTV Then)
Beijing (China)
Black Forest (Germany)
Bob Hope as I knew him
Buenos Aires Highlights (Argentina)
Buenos Aires Fun (Argentina)
Buffalo Bill - Who Was He
Buffalo Bill - His Exploits
Buffalo Bill - People in His Life
Buffalo Bill - On Stage
Buffalo Bill - Sites to Visit
Buffalo Bill - Resources
Calamities (Sixties)
Cappadocia (Turkey)
Chamonix (France)
Cody and Hickok
Copenhagen, Denmark
Crime & Justice (Sixties)
Dachau (Germany)
December in the Past
Delhi (India)
Eagle's Nest (Germany)
Emerald Coast (Turkey)
Engelberg (Switzerland)
Ephesus (Turkey)
Fairbanks, Jonathan
Famous Faces
Favorite Photos
February in the Past
Frankfurt (Germany)
Geneva (Switzerland)
Getting Images (KYTV Then)
Greene County History
Grisham, Wayne
Goritsy (Russia)
Ground Zero in NYC Today
Growing Region, The (Sixties)
Heidelberg (Germany)
Helsinki, Finland
Historical Events by Month
His Exploits (Buffalo Bill)
Historical Markers
Historical Sites
Iguazu Falls (Brazil)
Innsbruck (Austria)
Istanbul - the Mosques (Turkey)
Istanbul - the Palaces (Turkey)
Izmir (Turkey)
Jaipur (India)
January in the Past
Jefferson Ave. Art Mural
July in the Past
June in the Past
Katmandu (Nepal)
Khajuraho (India)
Kizhi Island (Russia)
Kostroma (Russia)
KYTV - The News Team

KYTV - The News Room

KYTV - Getting Images

KYTV - On the Air

KYTV - Behind the Scenes
KYTV - On the Town

KYTV - Promotions

Lake Titisee (Germany)
Lausanne (Switzerland)
Learning through travel
Lucerne (Switzerland)
Mandrogi (Russia)
March in the Past
Maria's Shack
Market St. Art Mural

May in the Past

Media Friends (Sixties)

Million Hours of Memories

Monthly Historical Events
Munich (Germany)
Muslims I have known
Nelson, Buck

News Room,The (KYTV Then)

News Team, The (KYTV Then)
Nicaragua Mission Trip
Norlinger (Germany)
November in the Past

October in the Past

On Stage (Buffalo Bill)

On the Air (KYTV Then)

On the Town (KYTV Then)

On the Trail of Buffalo Bill
Open Air Art
Orcha (India)

People in His Life (Buffalo Bill)
Postcards from Europe
Promotions (KYTV Then)

Resources (Buffalo Bill)
Resources for End-of-Life
Rhine River (Germany)
Rio de Janeiro Highlights (Brazil)
Rio de Janeiro Must Sees (Brazil)
Rio de Janeiro Beaches (Brazil)
River Crossing (Argentina/Chile)
Ronald Reagan
Rothenburg (Germany)
Russian Cruise
Salzburg (Austria)
Santiago Highlights (Chile)
Santiago History (Chile)
Santiago Street Scenes (Chile)
Scholarship Student (Nicaragua)
School Rules in the 1880s
Sensational Sixties

September in the Past
Shanghai (China)
Sites to Visit (Buffalo Bill)
South American Odyssey
Special Events (Sixties)
Speesa (Italy)

Springfield History

St. Petersburg (Russia)
Stockholm, Sweden
Suzhou (China)

Then and Now
Tips for Students, 1908

Traveling the Heartland
Uglich (Russia)
Varanasi (India)

Vienna (Austria)
Walking Tour - Downtown

Walking Tour - Midtown

Who Was He (Buffalo Bill)
Xian (China)

Yaroslavl (Russia)
Zermatt (Switzerland)

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