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Our scholarship student in Nicaragua

One of the ways in which Americans can help improve the quality of life for young people in Nicaragua is to provide scholarships through Rainbow Network to enable students to attend high school. Completing their education will allow many to break out of the poverty which has given Nicaragua the distinction of being the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Information from Rainbow Network is that only about one of every thousand high school age youngsters in Nicaragua actually get to attend high school.

For only $22 a month - $264 a year - provides two uniforms, shoes, backpack, school supplies, transportation, tutoring and tuition.

The student that our family is sponsoring is Cristiam David Garcias who is in his first year in high school (7th grade). On their application for a scholarship each person writes a brief explanation of their needs and desires. This is what Cristiam wrote:

Cristiam Garcias"Since there is no high school in my community, I must travel about five kilometers (a little over three miles) to get to the nearest school, which is Concepcion de Maria High School. I get there by walking. Education is very important to me because I want to be a professional and be able to improve ourselves and help our families and our communities to live better in the future. If I were not in the scholarship program sponsored by the Rainbow Network, it would be impossible for me to go to school, because my family is very poor and cannot provide the school supplies, uniforms, shoes, etc. which are required for school

My family is made up of my grandmother Gloria, my mother Silvia, my sister Iriz, and myself. We don't live with my father. My mother and grandmother are unemployed. Most of the people in my community are very poor and don't have a permanent job or a regular income. My family's average monthly income is approximately $9.

My community is very small and poor but the people are nice. It is surrounded by a lot of trees, lakes and farms. There are many coffee farms. Most homes have potable water and electricity, but some don't have latrines.

In my free time I like to study and practice math problems. My goals are to finish high school, then study to become a professional, so that I can get a good job and help my family and my community."

We will be communicating by mail with Christiam during the year so visit this page regularly to see what is happening in his life.

You too can sponsor a student by calling Rainbow Network at.


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