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Transfiguration Cathedral



A highlight of a visit to the small town of Uglich, just north of Moscow, is the Transformation Cathedral which like many structures in Russia today is being renovated. The city was severely affected by the construction of the lake to supply a hydroelectric plant in 1917 but many of the important structures such as this were saved.

Inside Cathedral





The interior of the Cathedral, like many Russian Orthodox churches, is very ornate with many beautiful religious icons and lots of god leaf. Tourists are usually greeted by a small choir of monks when they visit. Uglich was where Ivan the Terrible's son Dimitri and his mother were killed. There is a Church of Prince Dimitry the Martyr located here.


souvenir stand




At every stop on the cruise across Russia, one was not far from a souvenir stand. They were all conveniently located on the paths over which guides led tourists to the most popular sites. From from the old socialist state, free enterprise is now alive and well in Russia.

entering lock



One of some 54 locks in the interland waterway system is located at Uglich. This engineering feat, surpassing even the Panama Canal is required to raise ships from sea level at St. Petersburg some 400 feet above sea level at Moscow.

stranded church



In construction of the Moscow Canal and the formation of the large lakes used to support the system, many small villages were inundated. Along the route several church structures that were housed on higher ground still loom out of the water providing an eerie site for voyagers.

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