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Delhi: the Capitol
Jama Masjid (at right) faces the Red Fort and was built in 1650. It is India's largest mosque. The center part is flanked by two minarets in red sandstone striped with white marble, 130 feet in height.
Mausoleum of Humayun (at left) a ruler that died in 1556. It had one of the first examples of a double dome It is in red sandstone decorated with white marble pieces. It also includes the graves of a number of ill-fated Mughal princes. Some consider it the inspiration for the Taj Mahal.
The Sri Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple features towers of red and yellow sandstone. It is a massive structure visited by many Hindu pilgrims who worship at the statue of the Lord Shiva7 . It was built in 1938.
India Gate, a feature of the government complex in Delhi, is reminiscent of the Arch de Triumph in Paris from the distance. It, too, is a memorial to the Indian military.
Raj Ghat(above) marks the place where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated in 1948 after being assassinated by a Hindu fanatic8 . The site, with an eternal flame, is visited by many Indians who venerated Gandhi.
The Qutb Minar features a prayer tower which is 238 feet tall with four stories, each designed differently. It was started in 1199 meant to proclaim to the world the power of Islam. Verses from the Quoran are cut into the sides.
Sikhs are very visible, with long hair and turbans9 . The religion is monotheistic, believing in One Supreme God. Sikhs are represented by five symbols: long and unshorn hair, a comb, a steel bracelet, a pair of shorts and a sword. The sikhs have long history as warriors.
Street vendors have many ways to get tourist dollars like getting your picture taken with a snake.10
The streets of Delhi are crowded and busy with the new commerce (at left) right across the street from the shanty sellers. Traffic includes cars, buses, bikes, animal-drawn carts and pedal taxies11 . Indian school children (at right) ride to school in pedal bikes rather than school buses.
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