People who are faced with an end-of-life situation, whether on their own, or as caregivers, are often faced suddenly with many decisions. They often must not only decide the best way to physically, mentally, and practically provide for those approaching death. Without help and advice it can be an overwhelming responsibility.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide information on those services in the Springfield, Missouri, area for which someone might need more information. In some cases that information might be just a business or a service with contact information. In other areas, more detailed information about the services offered might be available to provide added assistance in making decisions.

The general topics of information are listed at left. Included are not only contacts in those areas but also live links (if connected to the Internet) to local and national governmental agencies, business sites, and sites that can provide important information about various end-of-life activities. The topics are:

Understanding: Finding out information about a possible terminal illness and sources of support during an end-of-life situation.

Caregiving: A look at the choices available for caring for a person with a terminal illness with local contacts listed.

Talking About Death: Included are a number of articles dealing with how to talk to someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness about how they want to die as well as the legal steps that can be taken to insure their wishes.

Funerals: Information about why funerals are necessary and the types of funerals available as well as a listing of local funeral homes and cemeteries.

Dealing With Grief: This includes a number of articles talking about the grief process and providing helpful hints on on to get through the process yourself or help others to do so.

Reading Room: A list of resources talking about all of the aspects of end-of-life care including the stories of many people who have dealt with such situations.

Dealing with the responsibility of caring for someone who has a terminal illness is something that few plan for or expect. When that responsibility comes, however, this information can perhaps soften the blow.


Information in this resource guide is presented in two different forms.

Many of the documents are in PDF format which is readable by just about any computer operating system. It does require the Adobe Reader which is available from www.adobe.com if not already on your computer. Just close the form to go back to the topic page. If the item opens in the browser with the reader, use the Back button to return, otherwise close the open screen to return.

If connected to the Internet, the addresses to various online sources are live. By clicking on them you will go to the online site. These sites will open up in new window. To go back to the topic page either close the new window or click on the topic page which should be visible behind.


Resources for end-of-life caregivers was assembled by Richard Grosenbaugh as a class project in April 2004 for the Southwest Missouri State University course entitled "Death and the Human Behavior. "