Reading Material on end-of-life topics

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Dealing with Death

  • A Guide to First Steps
  • A nice little chat about dying
  • Being With a Dying Loved One
  • Child leaves legacy on playground after cancer death
  • Creating Memories of a Brief Life
  • Discussing matters of life and death
  • Discussions of death are fragile
  • Facing the End
  • Making choices about dying and death
  • Life-and-death choices need to be made in advance
  • Planning ahead a sensible way to face your own mortality
  • Shadow Box: Common reactions to death explored
  • Stop and Smell the Roses...Again?


  • Commentary: The Case Against Physician-Assisted Suicide: For the Right to End-of-Life Care
  • Dying man challenges doctors over right to live
  • Elderly patient's death 'hurried'
  • Freedom to Die?
  • While I Was Sleeping
  • Woman has no option to die with dignity


  • Final exams (autopsies)
  • Funeral directors help with practical details of death
  • Funeral etiquette


  • A dying Mom's notion helps others survive
  • Coping With Death
  • Grieving, like dying, takes as long as it takes
  • The Grief of Your Dying Loved One
  • Program helps kids cope with grieving
  • Returning to Work After a Loss
  • Ten Common Myths & Realities About Grief


  • A Home Away From Home for Dying Children
  • Hospice care helps the dying -- and their families who live on
  • Hospice helps grieving families
  • Hospice Visitors Raise the Level of Personal Care
  • Hospice improves quality of last days
  • Why I'm a hospice nurse

Hospital care

  • A promise under siege
  • Dying Patients Get Little Relief, Emotional Support From Staff
  • One in Five Americans Die in ICU
  • Patients who are dying to go home
  • The tragedy of dying alone

Legal matters

  • DNRs can't be used by irresponsible third parties

Personal experiences

  • A prayer for the dying
  • A reader's lesson in dying
  • 'Death is freedom, life is a lesson'
  • Dying, she wants to hear Bach
  • Following a Bright Light to a Calmer Tomorrow
  • Grandma Erma's last year of life documented
  • In Death Watch for Stranger, Becoming a Friend to the End
  • 'I was terrified of dying alone'
  • Life Cycles: Pulling up old roots to let new ones grow
  • Loss long before death
  • One wish before dying
  • Sharing Last Precious Moments
  • When the time comes

Physicians' role

  • Dying With Dignity
  • Physicians can help family members caring for dying loved ones
  • When a doctor must say the worst
  • When Death Nears

Religion Topics

  • A preacher reflects on life's journey
  • Assisted Suicide: A Christian Choice and a New Freedom
  • Catholic Hospitals Await Word on Implementing Pope's Euthanasia Remarks
  • Chaplain helps dying prepare for last journey
  • "Do Everything" or "Do Nothing"? (Muslim)
  • Jewish view on dying, medical ethics explored
  • Soul Survivor (the afterlife)
  • Supporting Caregiving Families
  • What is the Buddhist perspective on an afterlife?


  • Americans Eat Themselves To Death
  • Bad Habits Faulted for One-Third of American Deaths
  • End suffering, death from cancer by 2015
  • For a better death
  • Heart disease number one cause of death for women
  • Smokers dying for a fag, survey shows
  • University of Iowa Study: Emotional Aspects of Organ Donation Need Attention
  • U.S. Living Longer, But More Infants Dying


  • Is Suicide Forgivable?
  • School program curbs teen suicide attempts
  • Suicidal Thoughts Can Be Controlled in Elderly
  • Suicide -- A Preventable Tragedy
  • Suicide and the Silence of the Scriptures


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We grow neither better nor worse as we get old, but more like ourselves.
- May Lamberton Becker

I have learned little from the years that fly; but I have wrung the colour from the years.
- Frances Pollock