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Sites Not To Miss in Stockholm
Vasa Museum Vasa restored hull
The Vasa Museum is a must for tourists. Inside this odd shaped building is a fighting ship called the Vasa which was built to be the greatest ship of its day in 1628. Unfortunately before it could leave the harbor on its maiden voyage, the ship toppled over and sank. For some 300 years it lay on the bottom, a source of embarrassment for the government, until a massive effort raised it and restored it in the 1990s. It's an amazing story. Vasa stern design
Vasa ship model
The Vasa was pride of Sweden when it was built. It had elaborate carved figures on the bow and stern. The story of how the ship was raised and preserved is very interesting. The model at left showed what the Vasa looked like before it sank on its maiden voyage in 1628.
Old buildings
Nearby the Vasa Museum is an interesting attraction called Skansen (at right and below). It is billed as the world's first living history museum. The developers brought buildings from all over Sweden to the site so that people could have a quick tour of all aspects of life in the country.
Weaving display
Trained guides show visitors how Swedes lived and worked in the past. There are many demonstration areas throughout the park. It also incorporates the animals life from the various areas of the country into a zoo which is integrated into the overall themes.
Old church
Oldtime pharmacy
Drottingholm Palace, just outside of Stockholm, was built as a retreat of the Danish Royal Family in the late 17th Century. Today members of the current Royal Family live in a portion of the Palace. The other areas, and the extensive gardens, are open to the public. Drottingholm Palace
Chinese Pavilion
The formal gardens at the palace include special areas such as the Chinese Pavilion at left where member of the Royal Family could come for a little fantasy relief from the stress of their duties. The gardens were a popular party place.
Palace guard
Palace garden
An Overiew of Stockholm
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