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November 13, 2006




Report From the Field

Thanks for giving

There are many things for which I am thankful during this season of Thanksgiving: having had loving and nurturing parents, a wife who has made my life outstanding, good physical health, a financial position which allows for travel throughout the world to learn more about brothers and sisters everywhere.

I am also thankful for the opportunity to be of service. Over five years ago my friend Richard Ensminger invited me to volunteer at Crosslines, the food and clothing bank for those in need, and that opportunity has provided many reasons to be thankful after seeing the plights of others in this community.

When I talk to people from broken homes, I really appreciate the wonderful family in which I grew up. Meeting those who were able to live, day by day, only to be forced into needing help by unforseen circumstances I am thankful for being able to live a comfortable life. Aware of the many on again, off again relationships I thank God for my wife who makes my life complete. Having slipped comfortably into retirement thanks to the ability to manage finances, I am touched by those who cannot live on only Social Security.

I'm thankful I can cry with the woman whose young husband just died and left the family in need. I'm thankful that I can provide a friendly caring voice to those who need it. I enjoy being able to be a funny man with a puppet who can put a little joy into the life of young children who may not find it elsewhere.

I'm thankful that there is such an organization as Crosslines, and its parent the Council of the Churches of the Ozarks, who make available some hope to those who often have nothing to be thankful for. I'm thankful also for all those in this community who care enough to help others through their time and money.


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