Welcome to my journal

It seems like I always have a camera in my hands. This comes from the many years I used photography in my personal and professional life.

In my first job, as a newsman at KYTV in Springfield, Missouri, I daily shot movie footage of events throughout the Ozarks. I always carried a still camera too.

shapeimage 3

In my second job as Director of Public information I used a camera daily to record what was happening in the Springfield, Missouri, Public Schools.

My familiarity with a camera served me well when I retired in 1995 and started traveling around the world.

You’ll find some of my photographs in On the Road on this website as well as some in At Home about my new home in Arizona. They will change from time to time. You can tell if there is new content because I will update the bottom line of this page. Take a look. I’m happy to share my experiences.

You’ll also find photos from Yuma, Arizona: “More than just a stop on the way to San Diego."

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