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Politics close to home.

Government and politics go hand in hand and the city has had a rich political heritage. Several Springfieldians have served in high governmental posts over the years. Most notable of these, perhaps, is John S. Phelps who held the double distinction of being the first four-term governor in Missouri and the only Springfieldian to be elected to the state's highest office. He served in Congress 16 years. Others have served in the Congress of the United States including S.H. "Pony" Boyd, who also was consul in Siam, and Rosco Patterson. Both served in the Senate.

For many years the Republican stronghold of Missouri, the city has drawn well-known politicians from both parties over the years, including many men who were, or would later become, President of the country. The list includes such names as Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Thomas Dewey, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, George Wallace, Richard Nixon, Harold Stassen, Barry Goldwater, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.

National and state Democratic politicians have been drawn to Springfield each year since 1922 by the Jackson Day celebration of the state's Democratic Party. Similar Republican Lincoln Day observances have also been held here over the years.

Teddy Roosevelt visited Springfield in September of 1912 addressing a large crowd at the Drury College athletic field.
Harry Truman was a frequent visitor to the city, both as an elected official and as a veteran of the 35th Missouri Division in World War I.
The annual Jackson Day activities of Missouri Democrats has drawn many will-know politicians here. John F. Kennedy was the speaker at the 1957 event.
Richard Nixon paid several visits to Springfield, this one in 1968.
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