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New directions, new programs.

An effort at providing some controlled direction to the growth of the city was attempted first in 1923 with a master plan developed by the Harland Bartholomew firm of St. Louis. In the early 1960's, a comprehensive master plan was adopted that has helped keep growth orderly by giving some direction.

Although not dependent on large numbers of federal programs over the years, the city did become involved in several in the early 1960's which have changed, and will continue to change, the look of the city. Participation in urban renewal began in 1962 with the appointment of a Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority. One of its first projects was to bring about an important change in the downtown business area and the residential areas directly south of it. This was done through both demolition and redevelopment and rehabilitation of existing structures. A project is now underway in the north central part of the city.

In 1970, a Springfield Housing Authority was appointed which has resulted in federally subsidized housing throughout the community for people with low incomes and the elderly, including four high rise housing projects for senior citizens.

More and more federal programs have been sought in recent years.

This how planner Harold Bartholomew envisioned...in 1923...the development of a civic center for government buildings close to City Hall.
The Springfield Housing Authority has built several high rise senior citizen housing units and developed low-rent housing for families throughout the community.
The city's first urban renewal project changed the face of the area immediately south of the Public Square. It provided open space for a park, senior citizen housing, church and school expansion and helped residents upgrade remaining homes.
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