Many changes occur in past six years

Dr. Gerald Moseman

Conley Weiss

Dr. Arnold Greve

Since 1992, when this publication was first completed, there have been many changes in the Springfield Public Schools. Those changes are still occurring and will be material for the continuing saga when this history is updated.

When Paul Hagerty left as Superintendent, the Board of Education appointed Conley Weiss, then Associated Superintendent for Business Services, to fill the job on a temporary basis. Weiss could not become full-time Superintendent because he did not have the proper state certification.

During the interim period, the Board decided upon a unique administrative structure. They announced they would have a two-headed administration. There would be a Chief Education Officer and a Chief Operations Officer. By splitting the duties of the job, one person would deal with business matters on a day-to-day basis. The other would have time to really concentrate on instruction.

Weiss was appointed Chief Operations Officer. Dr. Gerald Moseman, formerly Superintendent in Cumberland County, Fayette, North Carolina, was appointed Chief Education Officer.

In the change process, the district's top administrators...formerly Directors or Assistants...were remained as Officers, i.e. High School Education Officer.

Many of the same new instructional techniques were continued in the district. A special emphasis was given to staff development.

A major improvement was returning the curriculum specialists...who had been placed back in the classroom for a half-day...back in supervisory work full-time.

Technology implementation increased during this period with help from a citizen-educator developed Technology Plan. New computers were added to schools and many of the computers already in place were networked.

A major change was implementing the middle school approach...grades six through eight...in all former junior high schools. A variety of scheduling systems was also put in place at the high school level.

A major change in the period was the addition of a seventh member of the Board of Education.

Not all of the changes have gone smoothly, however. As this was written in 1995, there was pressure from some patrons to eliminate or modify the middle school organization.

Money still remained a concern which must be addressed each year.

As the 1994-95 school year drew to a close, Dr. Moseman resigned to head up the Greenwood Laboratory School at Southwest Missouri State University.

Community sentiment had never completely favored the dual system and suggestions were expressed that the Board go back to the former system.

As this was being published the Board, instead, appointed Dr. Arnold Greve as Chief Education Officer for a two-year period. Dr. Greve had been High School Education Officer.

The direction of the administrative setup and instructional programs during the coming years should provide substantial material for whoever updates this history.

Undoubtedly, the district will remain in pursuit of its mission:

"So That All May Learn".

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