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Religion a part of life.

Springfield has benefitted over the years from having been selected as the site for the international headquarters of a major religious denomination, the Assemblies of God. That group, formed in Hot Springs, Arkansas, moved here in 1918.

A large new printing plant was built in 1945; a modern, four-story office building in 1962, and, most recently, a distribution center and a graduate theological school.

That international office today (1980) serves over 50,000 ministers, 40,000 churches and 7,000,000 constituents in 100 countries.

The strong religious beliefs of Springfieldians have manifested themselves in various ways in the community, other than in church attendance.

At various times organized groups, or individuals, did not hesitate to speak out against those things that they felt went against those beliefs: liquor, comic books, dancing, pornography.

Others have expressed themselves through some of the many projects to help others, either on an individual church basis or through a strong Council of Churches which has developed programs to help the needy, the ex-convict, the alcoholic, the elderly and the refugee.

Springfield has become known around the world through the weekly Revivaltime radio broadcast from Assemblies of God headquarters, presided over for many years by radio evangelist C.M. Ward.
As part of their social concern, parishioners of the Springfield-Cape Girardeau sponsored a large number of Vietnamese refugees in the community in 1975. Bishop Bernard Law administers communion to some of these during a celebration of Tet.
One of the most far-reaching programs of the Springfield Council of Churches is Crosslines, providing continuing help to the needy with the support of a number of "fish" member churches. Helping operate the program (below) are member of another Council project, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).
Members of churches in Springfield have always been willing and eager to give of themselves and their harvest to help others, as the congregation of Central Christian Church did in the 1940's.
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