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The educational community is diversified

Several other institutions of higher education operated by religious denominations also add to the educational climate of the community. The oldest of these is Central Bible College (formerly Institute) formed in 1923 by the Assemblies of God. Today, the school enrolls close to 1200 students from throughout the world.

The Assemblies of God also formed Evangel College, a liberal arts school, in 1955, utilizing a large portion of the property formerly housing the O'Reilly Army Hospital. Today, most of those original wood structures have been replaced with new buildings and the school has an enrollment of 1200.

The third religious institution, Baptist Bible College, was opened in 1950 by Baptist Bible Fellowship to train young people for religious work. Today, the institution lists 2400 students from throughout the country.

Other types of institutions have served to educate young people for various careers over the years. The oldest of these currently operating is Draughon's Business College which has been training young people since 1904.

Newest addition to the education community, which reaches almost everyone, is public television station KOZK which went on the air on Channel 21 through public subscriptions in 1974. It provides instructional programs during the day for local schools and a variety of informational and instructional programs in the evenings.

Central Bible College was started in 1923.
Evangel College was rapidly replacing its original wooden barracks, which were part of the O'Reilly Army Hospital, with modern structures.

Baptist Bible College was built on the former Walnut Grove Park.
As part of their business training, Draughon's Business College students in the the 1920's operated their own store.
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