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Economics tied to agriculture.

Commerce and industry in Springfield have been related from the very first to the agricultural nature of the area. The production of all kinds of agricultural products increased and became more profitable with the coming of the railroad in 1870. Orchards abounded; cattle raised in large numbers, other products, such as tobacco, wool and cotton, used in manufacturing plants.

The vast range of agricultural production was evident every day before the turn of the century at the city market lot at Campbell Avenue and McDaniel Street where farmers from the area sold their wares . . . wood, hay, corn, melons, potatoes and other farm produce . . . and traded horses.

Around 1880, a woolen mill was producing 1500 yards of cloth daily, cotton mills converting annually 1,000 bales of cotton into fabrics and mills grinding 200 barrels of flour per day.

A history of the area reports that by 1932 processing had developed to where butter and poultry were shipped in one month alone to 30 large cities in 19 states and one foreign country.

Agricultural production has increased immensely with dairy products ($55 million gross receipts yearly) and livestock ($70 million gross receipts) especially plentiful. Agri-business now accounts for approximately $350 million trade in the Springfield trade area annually.

Tobacco factory
One of Springfield's early tobacco manufacturing factories.
Union Stockyards
The Union Stockyards has provided an outlet for area livestock for more than half a century.
MFA plant
Patton Creamery
Delivery wagons lined up at the Patton Creamery Plant.
Dingledein Brewery
Producer's Creamery, at one time the largest milk processing plant under one roof.
The Springfield Brewing Company, known also as the Dingeldein Brewery, was located on College Street near Kansas Avenue.
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