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New Friends in Nicaragua
child eating lunch
Many family such as this live in hovels with dirt floors, a flimsy structure and a leaky roof. With large families children often have to sleep in flimsy hammocks over their parents.
large family
Many children may get only one meal a day and that may be rice and beans. Now, thanks to Rainbow Network, children can get at least one nutritious meal six days a week.
girl and balloon
Through small micro loans Rainbow Network allows Nicaraguans to develop home-based industry. A loan to purchase an industrial sewing machine allows women in a community to make garments for sale. Showing the products is Marcos Rodrequez our excellent guide for our visit.
This little girl is all dressed up and looking very beautiful as she waits to see the doctor.
These two-month old twins to me symbolize a hope for Nicagragua. They live in a Rainbow Network built community called Valle de Jesus and will grow up with a good roof over their heads and a solid concrete floor to walk on. Their proud mother carefully arranged the twins and asked me to take their photo.
This young lady is scholarship student, one of several hundred young people who can attend high school thanks to a sponsor. Only about one in a thousand students in Nicaragua can afford to attend high school.
brushing teeth

The girl in the photo below, taken at a health clinic, definitely has sad eyes. Every time I look at this photo her gaze draws me back to Nicaragua and the poverty that I there. The dark eyes of all the children were very expressive.

Young girl
Dental health is promoted through Rainbow Network programs at schools. Students are given flouride rinse and instruction on how to brush their teeth.
street vendor
The young man at left is a street urchin, roaming the streets of downtown Managua selling to tourists small insect figures made out of reeds. His income probably helps support his family.
boy with lessons
Through Rainbow Network supported schools the boy at right hopefully will not be relegated to the streets but will have a chance for a better life through education.

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