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What Buffalo Bill will be especially remembered for, probably more than his exploits in opening the west, is the Wild West Show which took this country and Europe by storm. It tried to bring the excitement of the West to those who had, or wanted to have, little contact with it.
  • Wild West posterBuffalo Bill's Wild West Show - An overview of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show written by Joshua Johns of the University of Virginia. It includes a look at the show program, the people involved, and Buffalo Bill himself.
  • The Battle of Little Big Horn as Depicted During the Wild West Show - This photo from the PBS "The West" shows how the Battle of the Big Horn was portrayed during the Wild West Show.
  • Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band - An excellent presentation which profiles the famous band that performed during the show. Includes audio clips of the actual music.
  • An official program - Translation of an actual performance from 1882.
  • A major train wreck - Information on a devastating wreck involving the show train in 1901.
  • The Wild West in San Diego - Details the visit of the show there in 1902.
  • The Wild West in Bradford, England - Tells about the visit there in 1903.
  • The show in Coventry, England - A copy of a show card from a visit in 1903.
  • The Day the Wild West Show visited Omaha - A summary of the show's visit to the Trans Mississippi Exposition in Omaha in 1898.
  • The Wild West Show in Scotland - An interesting story about the show's performances in Scotland in 1891 and again in 1904. (4/15/02)
  • Wild West Show Stagecoach - Good writeup on the Wild West Show with links to performers.
  • Buffalo Bill and the Pan Am - The Wild West at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY.
  • The Wild West visits Elgin, IL - Part of the city's history mentions the visit in 1896.
  • The Wild West visits Lancashire, England - The show's visit is mentioned in a story on the fair there.
  • Buffalo Bill in Bologna - Writeup on a new book published about the show in Germany.
  • Did you hear about Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show? - A story from the Salsbury Post in North Carolina about the disastrous wrect of the Wild West show train in 1902 as it traveled through that state.
  • A new exhibit on the Wild West Show - Talks about a traveling exhibit entitled "Buffalo Bill's Wild West" prepared by the Royal Armouries in Great Britain. It is now touring this country. (3/19/01)
  • Legends of Our Times - Photos from several Wild West Shows incuding Cody's.
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in France in 1905 - This article is in French and can be translated on line via It has some photos of the visit.



  • Pawnee Bill's Show - A photo documentary on Pawnee Bill's show.
  • 101 Ranch Show - Chronicles a show with which Cody toured for awhile after his own show went bankrupt.
  • Sells-Floto Circus - A story about Cody's appearance with the circus in his last days..

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